2-Stroke DFI TC-W3 Marine Engine Oil


  • Meets or Exceeds All Marine Manufacturer's Engine Warranties.
  • Provides Excellent 2-Stroke Lubrication for all Horsepower Outboards and Other 2-Stroke Water-or Air-Cooled Engines.
  • An Exclusive Formula Designed to Maintain Peak Marine Engine Performance, this Ashless Dispersant Oil helps Fight Rust, Reduce Smoke and Control Deposits that Rob your Engine of Acceleration, Power, and Durability.
  • MAGNA1® 2-Stroke Marine Oil Meets all the Requirements of the Leading Manufacturers of Outboards, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobiles, Motorcycles, and other 2-stroke Water- or Air-Cooled Applications that Specify the use of NMMA TC-WII or TC-W3® or API TC Oils in Premix or Oil-Injected 2-stroke Applications. This category 3 oil provides protection down to —25° C (-13° F).

4-Stroke Marine Oil


Outperforms automotive oils in marine applications because of its specialized additive package designed for marine engines. Continued use of this oil will:

  • Use of This Oil Will Not Void Manufacturer Warranties.
  • Provides Outstanding Wear and Corrosion Protection Which Extends Engine Life and Peak Performance for Marine Engines.
  • Maintains Peak Engine Performance and Reliability.
  • Eliminates Thermal Breakdown Under Extreme RPMs, Temperatures, and Loads.
  • Exceeds the Most Recent Requirements for FC-W® CAT Qualifications for All Marine Engine Manufacturers.




      Directions: Twist the cap to break tamper proof band and access FunLPro hose. Grab and pull vertically on FunLPro hose until firm resistance is felt. Place FunLPro pouring hose in to desired destination and evacuate fluids. If repeat use is desired, collapse extendible tube and FunLPro hose back in to container and replace the cap for full seal and future usage.
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      Have you seen our patented FunLPro spout? Magna1 comes with an expandable, built-in spout to easily pop a bottle open and dispense oil without the hassle of a funnel.

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      Magna1 is competitively-priced, ridiculously easy to use and out-performs the competition. The catch? There is no catch. Because we believe everyone deserves freedom. Freedom from funnels, hassle and spills. Pour Magna1. Pour a bottle of freedom.

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      • The MAGNA1® brand is built out of the need for efficiency and ease in engine maintenance. We believe your time is better spent doing the things you love, not wasted in frustration from a complicated, messy process. That’s why we developed America’s best, most efficient way to service your engine, whether you’re driving, boating, riding or mowing; we have a lubricant for that.
      • MAGNA1® serves as America’s only self-contained lubricant maintenance product, offering a built-in spout that frees you from funnels, hassle and spills. MAGNA1® fulfills this role by providing a top-notch lubricant product with a patented built-in spout that you can’t find anywhere else.
      • The goal of the brand is to provide freedom from funnels, hassle and spills by offering users a unique experience in engine maintenance.

      Not only is Magna 1 Marine Oil a quality lube for my boat engine, but the handy packaging with the convenient hose inside is a great idea! I give it 4 stars!
      Carl S., Lexington KY